How To Get Your Press Release Noticed, Part 1 by Adele Sammarco

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As a former reporter and public relations professional, I have developed some insight into what gets press releases read and what gets them tossed into the recycling bin. The etiquette of promoting a press release constantly changes, but best practices for getting noticed do remain relatively constant.

Of course, the easiest way to get your press release noticed is to hire a successful publicist. A recognizable name goes a long way toward getting your copy read by an editor or journalist. You don’t need a large PR budget to attract media attention, however. With a bit of diligence and care, it is possible for anyone to get the proper attention.

The most important aspects of getting a press release noticed are: having something newsworthy to share and using the correct format. A quick Internet search brings up many good primers on writing press releases. You should study them carefully if you are writing a release for the first time.

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Once you have a well-crafted press release, you need to send it to the right person. Contact the media sources you are interested in and find the relevant editor. This might be best done on the phone or you might figure out who to contact by looking through the publication or its website.

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Next, determine how the individual wants to be contacted. Some prefer an e-mail, while others prefer a fax. Mailing a paper copy offers another option. Regardless of how you send the release, after a reasonable period of time has passed (usually a few days), it is appropriate to follow up. Releases don’t always end up in the right hands or they may get discarded by accident. Editors receive hundreds of them per day, so invariably some interesting stories slip through the cracks.

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In the next part of my discussion, I will discuss the etiquette of following up.

About Adele Sammarco: Adele Sammarco has led a diverse career, focusing on television reporting, filmmaking, public relations, and real estate. She played a key role in organizing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s State of the City live address in 2006. Adele Sammarco is a member of the National Association of REALTORS(R), the New Jersey Association of REALTORS(R) and the Monmouth County Association of REALTORS(R). She is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild and is often asked to guest lecture at city, state, and national organizations about her experiences as a New York City Criminal Justice Reporter who covered high-profile trials as the John Gotti, Sr. and John “Junior” Gotti and Vincent “Chin” Gigante trials to the police shooting trial of Amadou Diallo, a West African immigrant who was shot 41 times by police officers in the Bronx, New York, and the Osama Bin Laden in absentia trial in Manhattan’s Federal Court.


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