About Adele Sammarco

For nearly a decade, Adele Sammarco was widely known as an in-depth and empathetic reporter working for NY1 News in New York City. Adele Sammarco filed thousands of stories for NY1 including finding a homeless man a job and a home as well as helping free a young woman imprisoned under the draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws. While at NY1, Adele Sammarco received numerous plaudits, including the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Award for Outstanding Excellence in Environmental Reporting and the Leadership in Education Award from the National Italian-American scholarship organization known as Fieri, which in Italian means “to be proud.” Adele Sammarco wrote one of her most notable pieces in 1999. During the holiday season later that year, Adele Sammarco saw the results of her reporting on the story of Arlene Oberg. Arlene Oberg was serving the 11th year of a 20-year sentence for arranging a meeting between a drug dealer and an undercover police officer, which she claimed she did unknowingly. At the time of the arrest, Oberg was only 21 years old and pregnant. In the spring of 1999, Oberg told her story to Adele Sammarco, who then reported it on NY1 News. The story caught the attention of John Cardinal O’Connor and Republican State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, who both urged Governor George Pataki to give Oberg her freedom. Governor Pataki followed through on this request, granting full clemency to Oberg and three other inmates. For her work on the Arlene Oberg story, the William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice, Inc. expressed a special “thank you” to Adele Sammarco, calling her stories on Oberg and her family “worthy of a dozen Emmys.” The William Moses Kunstler Fund for Racial Justice also recognized Adele Sammarco as “one of the most hardworking and fearless television reporters on the scene today.” Adele Sammarco continued to work the Criminal Justice beat for NY1 News until 2001, reporting on topics such as police brutality, ethnic profiling, and the changing leadership in the New York Police Department. Thereafter, Adele Sammarco acted as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden where she helped organize Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2006 State of the City Address and served as the Director of Communications for the Staten Island Board of REALTORS, Inc., a nonprofit trade association. There, Adele helped set-up a real estate internship program with Wagner College.

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